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Borobudur Temple

Trip to Borobudur Temple In Yogyakarta Indonesia

Borobudur Temple In Yogyakarta

The Borobudur temple in Yogyakarta, Indonesia is one of the oldest and largest temples in Indonesia. The temple has a lot of stunning historical backgrounds. Much interesting activity that you can experience that has attracted many tourists around the globe. It has become a MUST visit place for tourists in Indonesia. If you are interested in visiting the Borobudur Temple but you are a Solo traveler with no Guide Tour. No Need to Worries! Here, I will give you tips about the things you need to know and do for a successful trip to the Borobudur.

As you may hear, the Borobudur Temple is located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. But what you may not know is that it is not located around the crowded city of Yogyakarta but specifically in a village called “Desa Borobudur” in the district of Magelang. If you want to go there from your stay in Yogyakarta then it took an approximately one-hour long road trip from Yogyakarta to Borobudur temple.

1. Transportation

The easiest way to go to the Borobudur Temple is by using a car, you can rent a car plus its driver from the Hotel if you are staying in a Hotel. Usually renting a car for 24 hours costs around 400.000 Rupiah. You can also use a taxi, the price for using a taxi to Borobudur are about 200.000 Rupiah.

But if you want something cheap you can use the public transportations in Yogyakarta such as a bus. There are two types of buses you can find : DAMRI and a Regular Bus. The difference between the two buses is the prices and qualities. DAMRI bus costs 70.000 to 80.000 Rupiah/each with AC while a Regular bus costs 20.000 to 30.000 Rupiah/each without AC. You can find DAMRI bus in “Stasiun Tugu Yogyakarta”, for a Regular bus you can find them in “Terimal Giwangan” and “Terminal Jombor”. All the buses from the terminal will then take you from Yogyakarta to the “Terminal Borobudur”, once you have arrived at the destination terminal you will need to continue the road trip to react to the Tourist Park of Borobudur temple. You can use Becak, Delman, or you can just walk as the distance is only 10 minutes away from the entrance of the Tourist Park.

2. Ticket Prices 

The ticket prices to enter the tourist park of Borobudur Temple are usually changes each year and also different between local people and foreigners. As of 2019, the price ticket for foreign tourists is, for Children’s ticket costs around 100.000 Rupiah/each while for Adult it costs around 200.000 Rupiah/each.

After you can finally enter the park, here are the things you need to know and all the activities you can experience inside the Tourist Park of Borobudur Temple.

  •  Sightseeing Around Borobudur Temple

Once you enter the park, of course, you want to start sightseeing right? You can of course walk around on foot because it will not cost anything. But if you do that then you need to know that it will be very tiring as the walking distance is quite long and the tourist park is wide. Also, you need to be prepared about the weather in Borobudur it can be quite hot. That is why here, I suggest you visit the temple in the morning hour. If you want to come in the afternoon just wear a cap or bring an umbrella or anything to protect you from the hot weather.

But If you want something enjoyable and easy way to sightseeing in the temple you can find transportation called “Kereta Mini” or Rabbit Train. For just 5.000 Rupiah the Train will take you around the Borobudur Temple. Aside from the Train, you can also rent a bicycle inside. The price for renting a bicycle is quite cheap, around 20.000 to 30.000 Rupiah/each for 10 hours long. 

  •  Borobudur Sunrise

Sunrise in Borobudur Temple is a way to witness the most stunning view you can capture from the Borobudur Temple. The temple looks very beautiful at the time of dawn when the cloud is lifted followed by the rising sun that reveals all the statues of buddies and the surrounding volcanic mountains of the temple. Something you can’t miss when you visit Borobudur.

The ticket prices to experience the Borobudur Sunrise are relatively expensive but it is worth it. For foreign tourist, Children’s ticket costs 250.000 Rupiah/each and for adult its costs 475.000 Rupiah/each. There is a special ticket price for foreign college students, about 400.000 Rupiah/each.

  •  Overnight Stay in Borobudur

If one day is not enough for your visit to Borobudur then you can stay overnight in places near the temple, such as a Hotel or a Homestay. There are a lot of hotels near the temple, a star hotel or a cheaper hotel but still with great quality and services. For a recommended star hotel, you can check the Sarasvati Borobudur Hotel. It costs around 1 million Rupiah for one night. If you looking for a cheaper hotel, then you can check the recommended one that only costs around 80.000 to 400.000 Rupiah for one night. But if Hotels is not for you, then you can stay in a Homestay, Homestays near the Borobudur tourist park are usually costs 3 million to 5 million Rupiah. It is way more expensive but services are worth it.

3. Tourist Attractions In Borobudur 

  • Borobudur Temple

This temple is of course the main reason people go to Borobudur. It is the biggest with 123 tall and most stunning looking that located in the center of the tourist park.

  •  Mendut Temple

This temple is much smaller compared to Borobudur and it is located 3 km away from Borobudur temple.

  •  Pawon Temple

This temple is also small and located 2 km away from Borobudur temple.

  •  Museum of Samudraraksa

This Museum is a place for many historical artifacts of the Borobudur temple such as the replica of the Borobudur boat in actual size. The museum also provides information about maritime technology and the history of Indonesia’s trade in Africa in the Indian Ocean.

  •  Museum of Karmawibhangga

This Museum is an archaeological museum that holds various historical reliefs that are founded around the Borobudur temple, relief photos of the hidden foot of Borobudur, and the reliefs about the law of karma, as well as photographs in the 19th century when the temple complex has not been restored.

That is all the tips and information you need to know for a successful solo traveling to Borobudur Temple. Have a nice trip


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