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Restaurant in Yogyakarta

5 Amazing Javanese Restaurant in Yogyakarta

Restaurant in Yogyakarta

The culinary delights in Yogyakarta are endless. There’s always a new restaurant and hangout. Starting from the modern concept to the traditional Javanese also here.

Well, of course, Jogja also has a lot of restaurants or coffee places with traditional Javanese nuances. 5 of them are highly recommended for those of you who are on vacation in Jogja.

Here are five amazing restaurants and coffee places in Jogja with a touch of traditional Javanese!

1. Wedang Kopi Prambanan

Wedding Kopi Prambanan is one of Jogja’s famous restaurants and a great place to feel the taste of traditional Javanese. Fun fact the restaurant was once visited by the Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani in the past. Interesting right?

Wedang Prambanan Coffee can be found on Jalan Prambanan, Manisrenggo 16. The location is only 200 meters to the east of the Prambanan Temple complex. From the Prambanan Temple, we must pass two traffic lights. At the first traffic light, we take the straight direction, we turn left at the second traffic light. After that, just keep going for about 1 km until you find a sign like a photo above. For more specific locations, you can click here.

The place is quite large with four joglo in it. I think the place is cool for a kind of family gathering, reunion, and the like. Parking is also quite extensive. Here there are toilets and prayer rooms. So, you can break the fast together~

Prambanan Coffee Wedang is open every day from 10:00 to 21:30. But it is suggested that if you want to have a beautiful way of enjoying coffee, come around 3:00 PM until sunset, so you can have coffee while watching the sunset.

Besides coffee, the food and snacks that are sold here are still traditional. Some of the foods recommended at Prambanan Coffee Shop are chicken rice and sour vegetables, tempeh garit, garang tamarind, boiled cassava, various satay, and others

2. Jiwa Jawi

Jiwa Jawi is a unique Javanese traditional restaurant because it has a concept of Homestyle restaurant but is located in the forest. The restaurant provides a place that is far from the hustle and bustle of urban areas.

Jiwa Jawi Resto is located at Banyutemumpang RT 01, Bangunjiwo, Kasihan, Bantul, DIY. It’s faster and easier if we go from the direction of the city of Yogyakarta to Bantul Street, then go in the direction of Kasongan and continue straight until we find a signpost with the words Jiwa Jawi on the right side of the road. If you have found the signpost, you just need to go in following the plain instructions to find the parking space that has been provided. For more specific locations, you can click here.

Remember, park your vehicle neatly, then don’t forget to put a helmet on if you use a motorcycle, and don’t forget to lock the door and close the window if you are using a car.

If you have parked the vehicle, immediately enter the road down a little, and enter through the door on the right. But be careful, don’t be too hasty, because you have to cross a small bridge in front of the entrance of Jiwa Jawi Resto.

The food menu that is worth trying is the Kecombrang Chicken Shrimp typical of Bali. The rice menu with side dishes of shredded chicken, kecombrang, megono vegetables, and anchovy is so delicious and has become one of JiwaJawi’s favorite menus. The other menu is Asem-asem Iga typical Demak with a slightly acidic sauce which is perfect to be enjoyed as a lunch menu. For a snack menu, the Sambal Dabu Seafood Mushroom Croquette can also be an option as a companion to the main food menu. For the beverage menu available, Klambir Latte is the best seller drink menu in JiwaJawi. Basic coffee drinks combined with coconut cream are served cold so it is suitable to be enjoyed during the daytime heat. Another drink menu that is worth a try is Kawista. The menu is processed from Kawista fruit, a typical fruit of Rembang city that has a unique and refreshing taste.

The restaurant, which opens from 11:00 to 21:00 WIB for weekdays and closes until 23:00 on Saturdays and Sundays, offers a variety of special menu choices from all over the archipelago. This restaurant is one of the most talked-about food outlets in Jogja on social media. Although far, the deliciousness and beauty managed to make us satisfied. Worth trying for.

3. Wirosani Jogja

Wirosani Jogja offers the sensation of relaxing accompanied by the breeze in the middle of the rice fields. Interestingly, this restaurant still uses Javanese joglo traditional house combined with modern furniture.

For meals here, ranging from snacks such as boiled peanuts, fried cassava, to mendoan available. For heavy meals, there are offerings of spicy fried chicken, tempeh garit, krispi omelette, to lodeok lombok green vegetables. Wirosani Kopi also serves drinks that are no less delicious. This could be your option if you just want to hang out pretty and sip warm coffee.

Well, what is not less interesting is the tableware container. A mini stove and Indonesian-style chicken-style equipment make you look more catchy to upload to Instagram. So, not just taste but also style.

Speaking of beautiful photos, Wirosani, which was formed with the special nuances of Wonosari, also provides costumes and special properties to capture special moments. Not infrequently this place is also used as a reunion event for some people. Some use it as a date to unwind.

Wirosani Jogja opens every day from 09.00 to 22.00 and is located on Jalan Palagan Km. 13, Sleman, Jogja. For more specific locations, you can click here.

4. Kopi Kopi Purwanggan

Kopi Kopi Purwanggan is located on the street Purwanggan PA I / 580, Pakualaman, Yogyakarta, For more specific locations, you can click here

This place itself is quite difficult to find because it is located in a small gank that is only enough to pass 1 motorbike but don’t be afraid if you want to come here, you can simply lower the speed if you are already on Puwanggan street, if you go eastward, you can see a large crossbar that says Kopa Kopi on the left side of the road. This shop is a simple coffee shop with a concept like a pavilion in front of the house, this shop is also filled with a warm, calm, homey atmosphere, and strong social ties.

The coffee menu here is quite comprehensive and also cheap, you can just buy coffee with a budget under 15 thousand, even so, the coffee here is arguably quite fresh, and also diverse. the method is not inferior to the current coffee shop, even though the coffee they make does not use a machine with the price of tens of millions, the coffee here is quite delicious to enjoy. Do not forget to buy snacks that are here. You also have to taste some of the tiny packagings on the customer’s table.

Unfortunately, Kopa kopi only opens at 6 pm because this coffee shop seems to be only served by 1 person. Kopa coffee itself starts crowded at 8 pm to 11 pm and will close at 2 pm. On Sundays, this restaurant is closed.

5. The House of Raminten

House of Raminten is one of Jogja’s culinary tours that you cannot pass. This restaurant was established on December 26, 2008, by raising the concept of unique, antique, elegant. The House of Raminten’s fame comes from the variety of uniqueness offered here, including interiors, food and beverage menus, and a restaurant atmosphere that will bring you to live a very thick Javanese culture.

The food and beverage menu offered at the House of Raminten many take a street menu like angkringan, which is packaged neatly and given a little touch so it looks more elegant, of course, with a very friendly price for the bag. One of the favorite menus of visitors is the Nasi Kucing or sego kucing. Besides Sego Kucing, various other rice menus that you can choose from are Sego Liwet, Sego Gudeg, Maheso Selo Gromo, and Fried Sego. Sego Liwet is also a favorite menu because it tastes good at very cheap prices.

For drinks, the House of Raminten offers various types of drinks that are unique, ranging from cold drinks to wedang-wedangan. Some unique drinks menu offered here is Es Perance Tancep, Es Monster, Wedang Uwuh, Wedang Lemongrass, and Jumbo Young Coconut Ice.

The way to reach the House of Raminten Jogja is from the northern end of Jalan Malioboro Jogja, move east until you find a red light crossroad. From here it’s still straight past under the railroad bridge and through Jl. Abu Bakar Ali found the Kridosono Stadium which was marked by a detour namely Jl. Yos Sudarso. Then, you must turn left and turn left (north) at the second turn. Then, continue straight until you find the crossroad red light Gramedia Bookstore.

From here turn left (west), then you will find a red light T-junction. Still, a little square before the Gondolayu Bridge you will find the left turn (south). Turn in that direction and continue straight until you find this place to eat in the right-hand corner. For more specific locations, you can click here



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