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Adjectives and Prepositions

Pengertian Adjectives and Prepositions

Pengertian Adjectives and prepositions

Berikut ini adalah pengertian adjectives and prepositions. Lihat contoh berikut untuk melihat adjectives digunakan dengan propositions.

I’m interested in the idea.
My jacket is similar to yours.
She’s brilliant at maths.
My neighbour is angry about the party.

Penjelasan Adjectives and prepositions

Some adjectives go with certain prepositions. There are no grammatical rules for which preposition is used with which adjective, so it’s a good idea to try to learn them together. To help you do this, write new vocabulary in your notebook in a sentence or phrase.

However, there are some patterns that can help you. Let’s look at them first. Remember that a preposition is followed by a noun or a gerund (-ing form).

1. With at

We use at with adjectives like good/bad/amazing/brilliant/terrible, etc. to talk about skills and abilities.

He’s really good at English.
She’s amazing at the piano.
They’re terrible at organising anything.
I’m not very good at drawing.

2. With about

We often use about with adjectives of feelings like angry/excited/happy/nervous/sad/stressed/worried, etc. to explain what is causing that feeling.

I’m angry about the decision.
He’s nervous about the presentation.
She’s excited about the new job.
They were worried about the exam.

3. With of

However, sometimes we use of with feelings.

She was afraid of telling her mum.
I’m frightened of having an accident.
He’s scared of flying.
You should be proud of your progress.

4. With to

We can use to to show the connection between people or things.

He’s married to the director.
I’m addicted to my phone.
I’m allergic to nuts.
It’s similar to the old one.

We can also use to to talk about someone’s behaviour towards someone else.

They were really friendly to me.
Was he nice to you?
He is always polite to everyone.
She was very rude to the waitress.

Here are some other useful adjectives with prepositions.

5. With for

Exercise is good for you.
Stress is bad for you.
The town is famous for its cheese.
I’m responsible for the financial side of the business.

6. With in

She’s interested in the project.
They want someone who’s experienced in design.
I didn’t want to get involved in the argument.

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